Morning Sunshine, All about Me, Chai Tea, A Friendly Proposition

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1. After having gone to bed tired and cranky (a sure recipe for a night of fitful sleep and terrifying dreams) it's a pleasure to wake up with Tyler still sleeping quietly beside me. I nuzzle in close for a good half hour of snuggling before jumping out of bed, into the shower, and racing out the door to the Centre for Conscious Living.
2. After dinner, Tyler and I conjure up some ideas as to what the 'next-steps' might be for me in regard to both career & creative self expression, and how I might actually go about acheiving these steps. I get that familiar rush of adrenaline and excitement, thinking that I actually could make something important and meaningful of my life!
3. A quick jaunt to Chapters and a chai tea from Starbucks never fail to hit the spot when it comes to feeling indulged and comforted.
4. A sweet young couple has come to look at the car that I have for sale. They, like us, are in a bit of a financial predicament and are in dire need of a vehicle. I find myself dangerously on the verge of forgetting about my own needs and offering them an incredible deal just because I like them so much. I restrain myself, and we continue the negotiations, but somehow I could see this culminating in the four of us sharing a meal together enjoying each others' company. Who knows, perhaps we have found a buyer for the car and a couple of new friends in this big old city.

Morning Sunshine, All about Me, Chai Tea, A Friendly Proposition
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