Divine Finds, Done Deals, and Fine Wines

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1. Just by chance we happen upon the 'set sale' for the movie 'Hairspray'. We have fun poking about the various odds and sods of bric-a-brac and tacky chic. We circle around a few times until we agree that we both like the lines of a pair of teak chairs - both upholstered vinyl, one in olive green, the other butter yellow. The price tag says $30 for the pair. We talk the set stylist into giving them to us for half the marked price. We later peel away the sticker to find that they had originally been marked at $75 for the pair. What a steal! We are even more pleased to find the original price tag on the bottom of the chairs which reads $325 (which is obviously inflated much in keeping with our egos at having struck such a 'deal'). We have visions of posting them on e-bay and selling them for hundreds if not thousands of dollars as the chairs that Queen Latifah or perhaps John Travolta sat upon. Hmmm. Not a bad idea!
2. Tonight after many weeks of emails back and forth over the internet, we have finally sold our car to the sweet young couple who came to view it on Sunday. I feel very much like a father, cautioning them to drive carefully and asking them to call us when they get home safely. I turn off the lights in the bedroom so that I can watch them slowly pulling out of the driveway with my little silver bug. All day Tyler and I have been reminiscing of the many journeys we have shared in our little car. I am reminded of other road trips with good friends, exploring the back-roads of Nova Scotia and I am grateful for what a gift it has been to me. Thanks little bug. Be every bit as wonderful for this new young family as you have for us. Get them safely where they need to go.
3. We decide to have a little celebration dinner after the successful sale of the car so we bundle up and walk down the hill to Vi Vetha, a cozy little neighbourhood bistro with plastered walls the colour of August wheatfields. We both order the steak with mushrooms and gorgonzola. It's been so long since we have gone out to dinner just for the fun of it (and not due to the fact that we don't have a proper kitchen) that we are both near to welling up with tears as we sink our teeth into the savoury appetizers and main course, followed by decadent desserts. We are lucky to have come on Prix Fixe menu night and get out for under eighty dollars including our indulgent two glasses of wine each and a healthy tip for our pleasant waitress. What little things we take for granted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Divine Finds, Done Deals, and Fine Wines
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