Walks, Talks and Treats

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1. Zelig and I have gotten into the habit of going for a twenty or thirty minute walk each morning, and with the weather being as pleasant as it has been this has been a pleasure. The sky was crystal clear and the sun illuminated the morning's glory.
2. A few months ago we picked up David Bach's "Smart Couples Finish Rich" and I have been pecking away at it for awhile. Today Tyler and I do some of the exercises, discussing our top five values around money. I find a sense of empowerment in spite of the lean phase we are in. I see how we really could be at a point of moving forward very quickly as it relates to finances.
3. Even though we are trying to be good and not indulge in 'junk' foods, a post-dinner daze finds us longing for something to fill our craving for something sweet. The cupboards are nearly bare but we have a lemon and we have some eggs, so I am able to whip up a little lemon custard which hits the spot with its sweet tanginess.

Walks, Talks and Treats
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