Toronto the Good - Halifax the Better, Father Hen, Flurry of Friendship

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1. Beset by the phyical symptoms of exposure to mold, and finding ourselves a bit adrift in a city we don't really love, we are suddenly considering a move back to Halifax. I have to admit I have pined for my fair 'maritime home' a bit ever since we left, but it wasn't until today when Tyler admitted that he might actually enjoy living in Halifax more than here that I let my true exuberance start to show.
Before you could say "U-haul" I was on the internet looking up apartments, exploring possible job opportunities and calling up friends to see if they thought we were insane. (Of course I only called the completely biased ones who would love to see us back in Haligonia).
2. My dad calls to tell me he has been worried about me since hearing that I sold the car over a week ago. He can't imagine me getting along without a car (even though the streetcar stop is a mere five minute walk from our front door) and feels terrible that he couldn't help me come up with a little extra money to get it fixed up and running properly. I assure him that everything is fine and that everything works together for good. Although I sometimes see my dad's worries and anxiety-filled phone messages as a bit of a perturbance, I am grateful that I do have a dad who loves me and wants to see me happy and successful.
3. I wrap up the evening with a conversation with my good friend Carolyn. For whatever reason, I don't have a lot of friends who have been with me for great lengths of time, but Carolyn and I have been friends now for over 10 years. She has seen me through everything from my first fling to my officially coming out to finally finding my life partner and her loyalty and support have never waned or wavered (even though we both come from fairly fundamentalist Christian backgrounds). Carolyn accepts everyone with her own special brand of grace and unconditional love. Not only that, but we have great conversations and she always gets me thinking about things in a new light. Sometimes she can be a flurry of excitement and enthusiasm, and other times she is a deep well of wisdom, both elements of her personality which have made my life's journey all the more rich.

Toronto the Good - Halifax the Better, Father Hen, Flurry of Friendship
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