Lazy Bones, Proud Pollyanna, Ginger Pork Surprise

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1. Is it wrong to say that one of my favourite things today was to sleep in an extra hour on an extra grey morning? It really was.
2. Walking along a rather grey and dismal Queen street, on my way back from picking up a tea at Tango Palace, only to look up and see a tiny break in the steely grey, beyond which snowy white clouds ushered the way to a glimpse of vibrant blue sky beyond. This reminds me of an observation that I made once while flying - every day is a sunny day once you get to the other side of the clouds. Trite sounding I suppose, but some days that's just the kind of reminder I need - sometimes on a literal level, sometimes on a more figurative one.
3. In an effort to create a soup which will nourish our somewhat compromised immune systems, I fill a pot with ginger and garlic, chicken broth and broccoli, and quick grill up some pork sausages on the barbeque, slice them and add them to the pot, and the results are actually quite delicious!

Lazy Bones, Proud Pollyanna, Ginger Pork Surprise
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