Tile, Tyler and Teriyaki

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1. After four long months of waiting, our bathroom and kitchen floors are finally in. It feels a bit like Christmas as I find myself alternately walking to either the kitchen or the bathroom and turning the lights on just so I can take in the clean, rectilinear lines of the newly laid ceramic tiles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

2. Every once in awhile I am caught of guard as I turn my head and Tyler falls into my line of view and I realize afresh how strikingly handsome he is. He looks particularly snappy today in his window-pane checked white shirt and blue zip up cardigan topping his indigo, papery jeans.

3. Tyler and I share a bento box at our favourite Japanese restaurant on Queen Street. I'm not sure we even know the name of it. We refer to it as the one with the paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Miso soup seems like the most nourishing food on the face of the earth.

Tile, Tyler and Teriyaki
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