Devouring, delight, and dancing

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1. An afternoon of solitude finds me lapping up Julia Cameron's memoir 'Floor Sample'. I've been a big fan for over ten years and I feel as though I am following the life journey of a good friend. The reading inspires me to do some longhand writing of my own, and I am reminded how good it feels to connect with myself in this way, to be in touch with what I really desire to create in my life.

2. While I am speaking with my mother on the telephone about various and sundry Christmas plans, Tyler works his way through the front door of the apartment, Zelig frothing about his ankles in a wild frenzy of delight. Sitting in my favourite reading chairm, I smile to myself as I take in the delightful performance my little family creates for my amusement.

3. Reclining in bed, pecking away at the laptop, I catch a glimpse of the gibbous moon as a phantom behind the window shade upon which the flickering light of candle flame dances its sacred ritual.

Devouring, delight, and dancing
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