Sweet, thoughtful, relief, and perfection

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1. At 11:33am Tyler and I are brunching amidst the golden glow at Eddie Levesque's Kitchen. Our first course is lovely, but the rummy bread pudding steals the show. Thirty five years ago today at exactly this time I was busy taking my first breath. Thanks mom. Thanks dad.
2. 7:40am and the birthday phone calls and e-mails start rolling in. It's like clockwork. First my mom (before she heads off to work) and shortly thereafter my dad. It's reassuring how some things never change. I'm also moved by the unexpected e-mails that come from people whom I had no idea kept track of such things.
3. Wondering if my friend Susan might have forgotten my birthday, and feeling a bit sullen not to have heard from her all day, only to be shown up by an enthusiastic message that arrives on the voice mail mid-evening, jam-packed with Susanisms. She hopes I've had a 'groovy day'. She does love me after all!
4. Okay, okay. Again, I can't resist adding a fourth blessing for today. Even though resources are somewhat restricted at the moment, Tyler has rallied the forces and somehow managed to present me with two sweaters in perfect earthy tones (just the way I like them), a copy of Julia Cameron's memoir, and - especially thoughtfully - a copy of Margaret Sommerville's 'The Ethical Imagination' which I went on about after having heard her speak on CBC's 'Ideas' several weeks ago. Thanks Tyler (and the rest of you) for an absolutely wonderful day. I am blessed.

Sweet, thoughtful, relief, and perfection
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