Enjoyable Lightness of Being, Space Shift, Meeting My Match

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1. Having sold the car I feel a bit lighter - like I am travelling and have the opportunity to avail myself of the wonders of public transit. Odd as it may seem, I actually enjoy riding the streetcar. It's a bit of an introduction into the many worlds of the city. Different people going different places for different reasons - it's rather fun to speculate who might be going where and why. It gets me out of my own little world and more aware of my surroundings.
2. Our recessed lights were finally installed today, and it feels good to have taken the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of the living room. Rearranging the furniture always seems to bring new life to a space and provides one with the opportunity to have a different perspective.
3. I'm a bit riled up tonight, having fallen into a bit of an aggravated mood after a frustrating telephone conversation. A bit sarcastic, and perhaps testing my limits with Tyler, he very wisely takes my vitriol with a grain of salt, and won't let me get away with more than the necessary venting.

Enjoyable Lightness of Being, Space Shift, Meeting My Match
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