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1. Having forgotten to buy raffia or ribbon for Christmas presents, but at the last moment coming up with the rather brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea of throwing together some cellophane and the chartreuse napkins we picked up IKEA and tying up the works with some rather sophisticated black satin ribbons. Instant holiday! (I particularly liked the limey green rubber gloves we had purchased for my brother, caught up into a multi-fingered bow, topping his cellophane package of tea lights and cucumber cleaning wipes (don't ask).

2. Coming home from a Christmas Eve dinner with my mom and brother to find that Tyler had gotten caught up in the frenzy of wrapping and had four bright green packages tied up with black ribbons. Though they were smallish presents (as mine were for him due to our lean budget) each one was a wonder of thoughtfulness - and all purchased in our local area of the Beaches.

3. As much as the holidays can be a bit of a bone of contention with my mom not being able to accept that I have a man as a partner instead of a woman, it was still very lovely to have dinner with her and then walk home under a balmy, star-strewn sky.

Green Christmas, It's the thought that counts, Keeping Mom
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