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1. Today a rather tall, dark and handsome character came into the shop and poked around for a bit, keeping a rather close eye on me all the while. It was rather apparent that he was taken with me, and while I was wrapping up his purchases, I asked if he had gotten everything on his Christmas list to which he promptly replied, "Well no. Unfortunately, I don't have you." As corny as it may sound after the fact, I have to admit it was rather flattering to think that the now 35 year-old me might still be able to turn the odd head. Perhaps that Susan Miller at Astrology Zone is on to something - she said we Sagittarians would be completely irresistible this month!
2. Sam sits me down to tell me that in my first week at the shop he has had rave reviews about me from several of his customers. Not only that, but he is impressed by the amount of knowledge and skill that I have brought with me - not to mention the fact that I have found cleaners and paints and stains for touch up work that he didn't even know he had - and he wants to raise my hourly wage by an extra $2 per hour.
3. A few weeks ago, when things were looking particularly bleak on the financial front, we picked up a couple of super-cheap packets of pre-seasoned rice side dishes at Price Chopper on Victoria Park. Feeling rather lazy tonight, and wanting to save money on dinner so we could splurge and head down the street to the Fox for a $6 viewing of 'Shut up and Sing' (featuring the Dixie Chicks) we decided to cook up one of the packets of rice. It actually turns out to be quite tasty. Tyler whips up an equally tasty salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, orange pepper and orange wedges, and we have a dinner fit for a couple of kings. We end up cooking the second packet as a late-evening snack. Not bad for seventy-nine cents!

Wish List, Accomplice, & Side-Dish
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