It's all feminism's fault (again)

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Back to life and reality in Fulda after a month having a tropical paradise 'reunion' in Indonesia. Everyone from our course is almost away and it is rather quiet. It seems everything goes in a slow pace and rhythm. Nothing change much and i found it somehow bizarre and perhaps rather amusing how things went amazingly so fast when you are away. Yet, when you are back to where you were before, your starting point, so to speak - say in my case Fulda - the time is frozen, or it feels as if nothing really changed since you were away, or maybe it is just Fulda?

When we are away for quite sometimes, things naturally change. We hear, feel, see and sense something new. The sensation of this newness influences our mind and as a result creates a distinctive change within. This transformation at some point reshapes our feelings and how we perceive the world afterward. We no longer see things as the way they used to be. We are a changed individual. Perhaps, in the words of Ernesto Guevara, once you travel and escape from your box, you open up the 'boundaries'. Although we can't really compare 'normal traveling' with what El Che' had experienced at that time as they completely are two different things, but nevertheless the same analogy could be used at seeing how traveling could actually open up your self-frontier. El Che himself had his political and social awakening after having face-to-face contact with poverty, exploitation, illness, injustice and suffering. These factors were apparently the crucial factors that had profound impact on him and drove him to become one of the most famous guerrilla leaders ever.

Having traveled a month away from Germany and returning to Indonesia has brought number of consequences. Home is sadly not the home I used to know, yet nothing changed that much since i left. A peculiar contradictory. I noticed that things have even gone worse in some aspects back home. The jobs insecurity, the traffics, the pollutions, the economic inflation, the social disparity, and the list might continue even longer. Not to mention about the number of transportation accidents, as well as, natural disasters that occurred during the past years. Voila! you name the misery, we have it! It's just something in the air...

I am not trying to disgruntle by the fact things have worsen in so many ways. I know exactly also that these have already existed even before. It's just sad to witness and even sadder when you know you can't do anything about it except just to let it go as it is perhaps part of life in general. Even so, it is still frustrating knowing you can't fight back and swallow it as it is as if you do not have any courage to make change.

Anyway, enough about the impression of the journey back home. I came across an interesting article in Guardian about feminism. But this time, it is rather quirk yet fairly entertaining to read. let me know what you think about the article.

It's all feminism's fault (again)
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