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what can i say? she's got the charm to serenade and hypnotise the crowd...

Yes, I'm talking about Kate Nash at her last night's concert. First of all, I must admit that I was being a horrible person. Why is that so? Before last night's concert, I've got the impression that she looked a bit chav and by being Lily Allen's best mate for sure did not improve my judgment either. I have nothing against their music, as a matter of fact I really like it. My disagreement was probably more to the way they dress rather than their music style. Anyway, I was being silly for thinking so and admittedly, I was wrong. Her last night's performance on the stage was simply a joy to behold AND she looked damn cute!

She appeared late on the stage. We found out later on that the lead singer from the opening band, which happened also to be one of her friends was having some problems and needed to be hospitalised. The concert, which was supposed to be scheduled to start at 9 pm, was delayed and not to start until 9.30 pm. The crowd looked uneasy when the clock showed at 9.25 pm. A young girl in front of us was vomiting and looked really sick just before the show began, and the place where she vomited was just perfectly an inch in front of us. Great, make my day girl! Thanks to her friends, who then told the official not long after that and came with a lady with a sand bag to cover up the trace on the floor and most importantly the stink of the vomit.

I don't want to spoil the good memories from the concert so I'll quit the detail about the pre-concert drama. Later on, Kate Nash showed up at 9.30 pm with her band and started immediately with her first song, Play, from the Made of Bricks album. She then continued with the whole songs from her first album. The crowd occasionally sang along with her. Some of them shouted out loud, "we love you, Kate!". Some of them were just being completely in hysteria (like me!). All in all, the show went pretty well to some point until...

Two couple of teenagers appeared in front of us and started to act as if they were really cool gigs and big fans of Kate Nash. Honestly! One girl in particular got a few raised eye brow from the people surrounding her because.. oh well, what can i say? the sky is the limit for her idiocy! And that was not it. She was actually standing on the vomit spot and she didn't seem to be bothered at all about that. The climax was, of course, my favourite subject: cigarette.

Yes, although it was written conspicuously all over the place that the artist kindly requests people not to smoke in any part of the concert hall during the show but these kids seemed really wasted and couldn't be bothered to read the announcement apparently.

Yes, indeed it justified my hypothesis! They're not ignorant, they're just bunch of bloody selfish adolescents! Up to the point where they were about to lighten their second cigarettes, I was really shaky and couldn't stand not to shout at them. My girlfriend stop me from doing further action against them. I was helpless and it really put me off, as well as devastatingly kill my joy of the concert. I tried to ignore it but it was not an easy thing to do.

After a while, I was able to quieten down myself. Still I couldn't believe such preposterous event occurred. I did attempt to stop it but again what can I say... only the sky is the limit for idiocy and stupidity. Perhaps I should learn a bit of patience and a way to calm down myself in such situation from my girlfriend.

All in all, the show was brilliant, has to be said. I didn't regret to go there although it would have been so much better had such atrocity not taken place. It was simply irresistible...

simply irresistible
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