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Good friends Natalie and Ann-Marie have turned me on to Joel Osteen, after each having become enamoured with his speaking style while flipping through the channels on a Sunday morning.  On a recent trip to Chapters with another good friend, Susan, I spied Osteen's book peering out at me from the bestsellers shelf, and intrigued, I picked it up and began to leaf through its pages.  Waiting for Susan to complete a meeting she was having in the Starbuck's cafe, I strode to the back of the store where rows of chairs invite readers to form long infantry lines of armchair soldiers, travellers, cooks and aesthetes, I found myself a comfy seat and proceeded to read the first three chapters of the book.  In its pages I found the familiar language of my Christian heritage, but reconstructed in a manner which remind me more of the sentiments of Abraham-Hicks' 'The Law of Attraction' or Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich' than those found in the fiery sermons I heard in my youth.  One of the lines that I read echoes a line I recently read in Suze Orman's 'The Courage to be Rich', and it seems I am getting the same message from a variety of sources: stop being satisfied with 'just getting by'.  Enlarge your vision.  Dream big dreams.  Know that the favour of God (or the Universe, or Source, or...) is on your side.  Live big, adjust your course, don't hold to the thing that once worked when it is no longer working.  Know that you can be/do/have anything that you envision, and know 'that ye have not, only for a lack of asking'.  Ok.  I get it.  I hear you.  Loud and clear.  Every day a new step on the path to my envisioned future.  Thank you for the inspiration!  Success found in listening for and paying attention to that 'still small voice' coming at me from numerous sources - but essentially from within.


Hmm...I'm tring to decide if this trio of categories will serve my current purposes here of focusing on successes and I think it can.  In regard to empowerment today, hmmm...well, I feel I had a success in completing a training call with my MXI/Xocai team in Portland.  Two of my stars were on the call and I was also able to record it so that I can send an audio link out to those who were unable to attend.  I feel like we covered some important training and new information, and that we each learned a little more about each other and why we are involved in the business - what our 'why' is for building our individual businesses.  I feel like I was able to empower my team with information, but I have to say above all I am consistently inspired by their enthusiasm and their vision for their own Xocai businesses.  I am blessed to have wonderful people to work with in this chocolate wonderland!


I declared aloud to a friend this evening my intention to set up a new membership at a gym tomorrow so that I can follow through with my goal of gaining 10lbs of lean muscle mass by my birthday on December 7th, 2009, and being in the 'best shape of my life' by that point.  (To be confirmed by obligatory 'bathing suit' snapshots (for my eyes only!) and a complete physical with my doctor).  Check in tomorrow to see my success in following through with setting up that appointment!

Bigger Vision, Business Building & Better Body
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