Vision, Victory and Value

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There is a lovely maple tree situated directly outside of the window in the main hall of my flat, and I love catching glimpses of it as I rush down the hall to answer the phone or as I move from the bedroom to the kitchen. It is a harbinger of the seasons, and I love it most during this glorious season of fall when the afternoon sun sets its leaves ablaze in a triumphant blaze of energizing orange.

I'm really proud of how I managed my time today. A few days ago I sketched out a chart of daily rituals outlining times to get up, go for a walk, have a shower, do my affirmations, eat breakfast and take vitamins among other things, and I've been able to give myself a 'gold star' in every section today. I was powerful in my action, and balanced in my execution of the tasks at hand and even got a 15 minute power nap in around the middle of the day.

Chatting with my life coach Curtis about a new business opportunity this morning, I am fired up with enthusiasm and realise that the Millionaire Mind affirmations that I am embodying each morning really are having an effect on my mindset and the way I present myself in the world. I am particularly struck by the affirmation which states, "I deserve to be rich because I add value to other people's lives" and I am excited about the value I can bring through the vehicle of this new business idea.

Vision, Victory and Value
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