Energy, Energy, Energy!

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Today I am grateful for the satisfaction that comes with having done a job well. The last couple of days I have been working full out to re-create an empowering work environment for myself, and this evening, my office is clean, clear and completely inviting. Every surface gleams and reflects positive energy back to me. I love how the process of really thoroughly cleaning my home creates a sense of connection with the space I inhabit, and provides me with a sense of ritual and rhythm. At the encouragement of various lifestyle coaches, I have tried hiring people to clean for me, but I just get too much out of it to let someone else do it!

I have to say I am proud of how I have been pushing through my obstacles the last couple of days as well. With all the work I have been doing creating the optimal work environment, I was completely exhausted by 7pm tonight, and could have very easily gone to bed and slept through the night. Instead, I took a revitalizing nap, did a few more jobs, sent a few emails, paid my bills, got inspired to read in the tub, then realized I needed to do my affirmations and VAKS for today, and am just now crawling into bed to blog, check out to send invites to a chocolate tasting this Friday, and finish reading a magazine which profiles Xocai, the healthy chocolate company I have just decided to work with. Yahoo!

One of my four VAKS: "I have boundless energy to achieve all my desires!"

Energy, Energy, Energy!
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