Engendering Happiness, Light and Health

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1. Feeling rather mopey this morning (even after going to bed early last night) I remindmyself (without being hard on myself) that I will engender more of whatever I focus on and that I have a choice as to what that will be. I am grateful that I have established Zelig Three as way to create more of what I want in my life.
2. When we first looked at this flat I was afraid that it might be dark and dreary, but as it turns out, with the heavy curtains gone and the wall colours lightened up, there is actually a very lively interplay of light throughout the space all day long - best of all we get the early morning rays squeezing through a gap in the neighbouring houses and into our bedroom.
3. I am grateful that I have my health, and that I am able to direct my efforts toward empowering others who are having a challenge with their heath at the moment (www.milliondollarmay.com).
4. I just opened the back door to let Zelig out and the forsythia in the yard next door is ablaze in its golden glory. Dee-licious.

Engendering Happiness, Light and Health
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