Peeping Tom, Rallying Relations, Stunning Sun

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1. After rushing home at lunch time to let Zelig out for a run, I am walking back to Statement and I am delighted to look up to see a rather plump set of very white legs peeking out from behind an aqua-coloured blanket draped over a second-floor verandah. Summer is definitely on its way!

2. Last night I lay awake in bed, worrying that perhaps my idea to make a million dollars in one month for various charities is a bit crazy. I hope that I haven't offended any of Maureen's friends or family. This morning I got a round of cheering responses that supported me in my rather large vision.

3. Sitting in Statement with the sun streaming through the clerestory windows high above and being transfixed by the vibrancy of colours in the play of light the sun affords.

Peeping Tom, Rallying Relations, Stunning Sun
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