The Dash, The Balm, Million Dollar May

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1. After two and a half months in limbo and thinking that I really should get back to my three beautiful things, I receive a link to this the site and am reminded how important it is to be grateful for all the good things in our lives!
2. A balmy 24 degrees celcius (in April! in Halifax!) and a slice of delicious sunshine across my face as I walk to work at Statement is almost too much goodness to bear!
3. I've been asked to help co-ordinate a silent auction as part of a benefit for my good friend Maureen Keating who is recovering from a cancerous brain tumour. In a matter of days it has gone from being a small silent auction to a "Million Dollar May" campaign with (hopefully) national and international media attention - raising the profile of several of Maureen's favourite charities and providing them with substantial donations. I am both exhilerated and mortified by the prospects of the task at hand, but grateful to have an opportunity to make an impact in this way.

The Dash, The Balm, Million Dollar May
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