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1. It seems like a silly little thing, but I think I actually like the way my hair is looking of late - and how its natural waves and curls seem to fall right into place when I simply let it air-dry and do its own thing.
2. One of the things that I disliked the most about being in Toronto was the way that it seemed almost impossible to connect with friends or family members - even if they only lived a few short blocks away. Tonight after Ray drops me off after work, I am waiting for the light to change when I notice a gaggle of people waving at me - and realize it is my good friend Susan with a couple of other friends from her work. They are heading to a movie at the Oxford Cinema and invite Tyler and I to join if we'd like. This is exactly the kind of community and happenstance that I missed in Toronto.
3. I lay awake at night and cannot, for the life of me, get to sleep. I rise to realise that it is 1:11 am. I often see times such as this displayed on the clock. 1:11, 11:11, 4:44, 11:44 and so on. I also saw these recurring numbers on exit signs and mileposts all the way here from Toronto. I've been told that these are angelic messages or other harbingers of good things to come (they often do come at the most auspicious times) - and I always get a little thrill whenever I see them.

Naturally Gorgeous, Hello There, Eleven Eleven
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