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1. Tyler and I have both been a bit under the weather and staying at our friend Angela's place. Being 'under the weather' has led to the watching of entirely too much daytime television - specifically makeover shows. We get inspired to rearrange Angela's furniture for her and make things a little more cozy for when she will arrive home from her 'Snoop Dog' concert around 2 in the morning. We buzz about the house pulling accessories and furniture pieces from other rooms and in just under an hour we have completely transformed the living room making it look cozy and 'lived in'. Hopefully the 2am Angela will share our enthusiasm!
2. Tonight we head out to see an apartment at Tower Road and Victoria. Although it's one of the grungiest apartments I've seen (you'd think if you were trying to sublet an apartment you would at least drag a broom haphazardly across the floor in an effort to tidy up the stray brown plant leaves and cigarettes and bottle caps, but apparently that hadn't occured to this guy) I am inspired by a turret full of windows, a wood stove, and a wall of cedar siding which, with a fresh coat of paint on everything else, could actually conspire to make this a bright and 'Wallpapersih' little flat. Bedtime finds me, sketchbook and pencil in hand, coming up with furniture layouts for the prospective apartment (even though we're not even sure it has laundry - all I can think about is that sun-soaked turret).
3. With cold, flus, migraines (the first ever - I have a whole new appreciation for you migraine sufferers!) and general malaise - combined with the particular angst of being in a state of transiton between homes and not yet knowing where we will be living, I have been particularly cranky, yet somehow Tyler is able to see and encourage the good in me. This makes me think of my 'good puppy' revelation way back in the summer when we first got Zelig. We're all really just good puppies on the inside. Thanks Ty.

While She Was Out, Visions of Sunshine, Good Puppies
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