Tackled, Tickled, Transformation

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1. I take a bit of guilty pleasure in the fact that Zelig seems to love to "pick on" me (and not so much on Tyler) - pulling at my jeans, nipping at my sweater sleeves, and ambushing my shins as I emerge from the hallway or the bedroom. I know this is probably some sort of dominant behaviour that ought to be quelled before it gets completely out of hand, but I can't help being overcome by the cute "puppyness" of it all. I also know that it's a bit naughty of me, but I kind of like the way it gets Tyler worked into a bit of a frenzy when Zelig pesters me this way. Sorry Ty!
2. Riding home on the streetcar, I am caught off guard by a blaze of pink whipping the western sky into wispy mounds of cotton candy.
3. Climbing the final hill on my walk home from the streetcar, I can almost feel the light of the moon pulsing in the sky behind a bank of gauzy clouds, pushing back the dark of night.

Tackled, Tickled, Transformation
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