Missing Cousins, China Blues, Grade Egg

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1. My cousin Nancy and I have made plans to head out to the country to visit my grandma. Nancy and I grew up together, went to the same high school and attended many church-related events together, and it is nice to spend the day with her, both catching up on what's new and reliving several fun memories.
2. We decide to take grandma out for lunch to Yin's in Waterford, a favourite local Chinese restaurant, where we each get to choose a favourite dish. Grandma's request is for the sweet and sour chicken balls, Nancy chooses the chow mein, and I go for the diced chicken with vegetables and almonds. Served up steaming hot in great mounds in wok-like serving dishes, this is Canadian-Chinese food at its best. (Although I do still miss the Halifax egg rolls with the unidentifiable greyish brown filling which sounds so incredibly terrible, yet tastes so incredibly good). It's always fun to see grandma's icicle blue eyes sparkle mischievously, and they seem particularly enchanting today against the pink hues of her sweater and those of the wallpaper behind her.
3. Upon our return to grandma's apartment she pulls out a photo album which contains a smattering of photos from across the years, and lo and behold we come across a couple of grandpa grading eggs in the old blue barn on the farm.

Missing Cousins, China Blues, Grade Egg
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