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1. I know it's ridiculous how much I talk about the sky here, but earlier today I enjoyed an article in Utne magazine all about clouds and on my way home something about the reflected glow on the buildings in front of me makes me turn to take in a most breath-taking ribbon of candied persimmon running along the edge of a breathless blue sky and forget all about the troubles of the day.
2. My mom has never met Tyler (or any of my previous partners for that matter) and though I often wish that she would be open to doing so, I find my spirits lifted when, while hanging up the phone after a conversation with my mom, Tyler remarks how it is odd, but he feels that in some strange way he actually does have a relationship with my mom as he is usually in the background during most of my telephone conversations with her, and I include tidbits about each of them in my conversations with the other.
3. We posted our coffee table for sale on Kijiji, sold it tonight, and were able to make a $250 profit on it. Between that and the rebate cheque on our rent, which we also received this evening, we are feeling rather 'flush' (or at least 'covered') as we prepare for our roadtrip back to Halifax.

Mile High Sky, Family Matters , Abundance
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