Hot Toddy, Tuna Melts and Top 40

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1. It's funny how comforting even just a cup of hot water can be. I'm on to my second cup of tea for the morning before I notice that in my rush out the door Tyler has forgotten to add a tea bag to the thermos. This reminds me of my great Aunt Hazel who, in her younger days, was always at the forefront of new health trends. We often spend a week at the end of the summer with her at her cottage, and often to reduce her caffeine intake, she would drink hot water instead of coffee.
2. Dinner this evening is a couple of tuna melts with old cheddar, yogurt and herbs de provence on giant croissants. I tell Tyler that this has funnily enough become one of my favourite meals. Comfort food I guess.
3. Classical 96.3 often plays the classics of the classics - the stuff almost everyone is familiar with. Sometimes this gets on my nerves, but this evening after dessert and sitting here typing away in the intimately lit living room it seems just right.

Hot Toddy, Tuna Melts and Top 40
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