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1. Have you ever noticed how sometimes the anticipation of a thing is almost as good as the actual thing itself? Walking down Queen Street the last couple of days I've noticed that Ed's Real Scoop looks to be closed, and I am a bit surprised as I thought I'd read that they stayed open all winter. Today a closer inspection leads me to a hand-written note taped to the door saying that they are closed for painting and cleaning and plan to re-open on Sunday if the weather is nice. Just the thought of a sunny Sunday afternoon and a scoop of Ed's toasted coconut gelato has me beaming for hours.
2. For some reason, while treating ourselves to Starbucks last weekend, I decided to start a crossword puzzle in the Toronto Star I found lying on a sunny window ledge beside our table. I've often associated crosswords either with extremely bookish types or seniors sitting in comfy chairs beside crackling fires (or even people with nothing better to do!), but it seems my competitive streak gets the best of me I'm hooked to the point that I find myself working on another puzzle this weekend. This time it's me sitting in the comfy reading chair by the fire, and although I am actually enjoying it, I tell myself the real reason that I am doing it is because it's good for my memory.
3. This evening I head to bed in a bit of a sulky mood, pretending I don't want to engage with the outside world, attempting to isolate myself from any kind of open communication. Fifteen minutes later my entire being relaxes as Tyler slides into bed beside me and, slipping an arm around my waist and one under my pillow, moulds the contours of his body perfectly to my own. A sigh of relief issues from deep within, 'he really is perfect' it seems to say.

Get the Scoop, Confessions of  Closet Word Sleuth, I Can Be Such a Goof
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