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1. Using my SAD lamp on a daily basis seems to be resetting my internal clock and I find myself waking naturally around dawn feeling rested and having enough energy to get up and write my morning pages.
2. The whole idea of heading 'home' to Nova Scotia seems to have provided us with a sense of purpose and set us into a state of action. It's opened up new ways of thinking about our purpose in life and how to create meaningful work (or right livelihood) in ways that we might not have thought about before. It's also got us thinking and talking about the future, making plans together, so that even in the midst of the 'hardships' of the last several months, it's nice to know that we have each other, to know that we have successfully weathered our first 'storm', and are enthusiastically charting our next course.
3. As an added benefit of all this talking of heading back to Nova Scotia, we hear from our friends and 'family' back in Halifax about how excited they all are about the possibility of having us back in their midst. I had a chance to speak with Susan and Maureen this evening. Tyler has been keeping Angela updated on a regular basis. Ray and I have been back and forth regarding plans for us to work together again. It is comforting to have these little connections across the miles.

Get a Rhythm, Safe Harbour, Pep Squad
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