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1. My friend Ray is in town from Halifax and has asks me to join him as he tours the Toronto Furniture Market. Hence I am up before dawn, showered and dressed and on the streetcar by 7:30am. Unencumbered by traffic or other passengers wanting to board, the streetcar glides silently across Queen Street like a ghost ship sailing through a sea of scattered snowflakes.
2. It's comforting to reconnect with Ray. He and I worked together for two years while I was in Halifax, and I will be rejoining him at his shop called Statement when we return to Halifax in a few weeks. I always enjoy our conversations and have received much sage advice from him over the years. I am buoyed by the fact that he seeks my counsel on many of the pieces that he chooses for the store, and seems to genuinely appreciate the insights I have to share.
3. Getting ready for bed and feeling a bit tuckered out after almost 10 hours in a stuffy convention hall, Tyler offers to make me a cup of tea, I accept, he asks what kind, I say the usual, and minutes later I am presented with a steaming mug of chai tea, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey and made all the more smooth with a shot of silky soy milk.

A City to Myself, Confidant's Confidence, Tuckered Out / Tucked In
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