Chattering Windowpanes, Surf's Up, Man on a Mission

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1. This morning brings the first real snow we have had this season - most of it coming from the east in the form of ice pellets rattling against the bedroom windows while we are still tucked cozily in bed. Later, Zelig and I head out towards the beach. His nails give him great traction, but I slip and slide along behind him and he marches ahead, undeterred.

2. We come to the edge of a rise beyond which appears a rapidly churning, roiling lake. It's as animated as I have ever seen it and it brings to mind images of surfers riding the frothy crests of winter waves at Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia.

3. I've been enjoying reading books by David Bach and Jean Chatzky on personal finance lately and am gearing up to be my best budget-conscious, goal focused self in 2007.

Chattering Windowpanes, Surf's Up, Man on a Mission
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