Birds, Birds, Birds

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1. Walking home from Sam's store I turn to look up a side street and behold a tree which at first glance might seem to be fully in leaf, but the 'leaves' which fill out this tree are moving and jostling about in a most peculiar fashion. Upon closer examination I see at what appears to be hundreds of grackles 'leafing' out their arboreal perch.

2. A bit further along on my walk, I hear a chorus of flapping and look up to see a flock of pigeons moving as one in the sky above. First they fly north, then a sharp bolt straight up, back to the south side of the street and so on, moving in perfect unison with no one leader. Won't it be nice when we humans remember how to work together in this way?

4. Halfway home at the corner of Queen and Kingston Road I look up yet again, this time to see the black power lines of a music staff dotted with a rather 'busy' piece of music featuring starling 'notes'.

Birds, Birds, Birds
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