Visions, Variety, and 'Volver'

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1. I find myself thinking that somehow it seems as though a fog has lifted and am surprised to hear Tyler make use exactly these words to describe how he is feeling. We both feel inexpicably more hopeful and optimistic about life in general, and enthused about where it might be taking us. I love little synchronicities like this, and find that I have been experiencing a fair number of late. Often I know exactly who's calling before I even look at the phone. This makes me feel like all the inner work I have been doing to develop my intuition and trust in my inner voice must be doing some good after all.
2. Frustrated by untenable living circumstances we strike out to hunt down and view alternative digs. It's pleasant to get out of our regular routine, and fun exploring the city together, talking all the while. I find it so easy to spend time with Tyler and it seems we can speak endlessly about any subject. After observing firsthand the dearth of appealing aparments / neigbourhoods / rents out there we find that perhaps things aren't quite so bad as they seem. We have the lake, we have charm, we have solitude when we need it. Perhaps the outstanding work can finally be put right and we can once again feel completely at home.
3. As a little reward for all the difficult work we have been slogging though of late, we decide to treat ourselves to a viewing of Almodovar's 'Volver'. We have been excitedly awaiting this for almost three weeks now and Almodovar doesn't fail to please us with his unique brand of entertainment. Tyler's in love with Penelope Cruz and I would like nothing more than a six month hiatus spent knocking about the dusty villages that unfold on the screen before us.

Visions, Variety, and 'Volver'
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