Tandoori, Sunshine, and Litchees

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1. I start working part-time at a friend's shop. On my first day as a treat he decides to close up shop an hour early and we slip across the street where we share a bottle of wine and a tandoori chicken dinner.

2. Although today is the first really brisk day we have had this season, the walk to work is delightfully bright and sunny. I zag to the north side of the street so that I can soak up as much sun as possible on my forty minute walk.

3. My brother's sent me home from my birthday with an assortment of exotic fruits picked up in Chinatown. I carefully slip a thumbnail under the skin of a litchee and peel it in one long continuous spiral. I pop it into my mouth and enjoy its fleshy fruitiness. I do this with three more litchees. I think to myself what lovely little decorations these spirals might make on an all-naturally ornamented Christmas tree.

Tandoori, Sunshine, and Litchees
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