Sunnyside Up(town), Ginger Crinkles, Roar

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1. Walking 'uptown' to the bank on Queen Street, preferring to zig-zag and dodge other pedestrians on the north sidewalk rather than zipping along on the south side of the street - just so that we can soak up a little bit more of the gorgeous sunshine on this unbelievably spring-like day. I know it's somehow morally wrong, but there's a dark side in me that can't help rejoicing ever so slightly at the prospect of global warming (although in reality I do as much as I can to prevent it).

2. On the way home, from the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of a thirty-something dad emerging from Starbucks to present his wife/partner waiting outside (tot-in-stroller) with a much welcomed steaming beverage. No words are exchanged but the slight smile-crinkles around his eyes as he presents his offering speak volumes.

3. Stepping into my brother's living room and seeing a roaring fire in the fireplace - this one made with actual wood logs and not those horrible fire-starter logs which I am sure are pumped full of chemicals.

Sunnyside Up(town), Ginger Crinkles, Roar
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