Sky-scape, Loud Scrape, and Shared Space

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1. Returning from errands, I glance back over my shoulder at steel blue clouds slung low against a shell pink sky, the R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant sending up a warm golden glow in the foreground.
2. As Tyler and I are walking along the sidewalk, we hear the bone-jangling scrape of metal against asphalt. We look up to observe a be-kerchiefed, elderly woman struggling with a table in her driveway. I offer to give her a hand and although she resists accepting at first, she cracks a wide smile as I lift the table to its proper spot. We share a sense of being connected in this big old city of five million people.
3. Although we are struggling a bit in finding enough work to keep us afloat, it is lovely to be able to together work from home, sharing a pot of soup at lunch, and whipping up a quick nosh of spaghetti for supper.

Sky-scape, Loud Scrape, and Shared Space
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