Sheep poo, pant-punt, and peace-inducing treats

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1. While doing some research on printing companies for a friend who is printing a book, I come across a website for sheep poo paper, which I find simultaneously amusing and inspiring. The site features an endearing little stick figure drawing of a sheep with bulging eyes which seems to have found its way onto a series of greeting cards. You can check it out for yourself at: Happy sheeping!
2. I've been a bit stumped of late as to why I am not getting any interest in the marketing I am putting out for my interior design services. After a quick power nap I realise that I've been saying for over three years that I want to get out of design as I have known it, and now it seems the Universe has provided me with an 'out' and the opportunity to test my mettle in regard to some of the other ventures I've been saying I want to pursue. Sometimes I just need a kick in the pants - thanks Universe!
3. Just yesterday I was thinking I would like to develop some 'passive streams of income', and tonight, while chatting with my friend Kathy at the Centre for Conscious Living, she tells me of an opportunity which requires minimal investment (really!) and which pays rather handsome dividends. And - get this - they sell a gourmet chocolate which contains an added enzyme which has been proven to reduce stress levels. Ask and you shall receive!

Sheep poo, pant-punt, and peace-inducing treats
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