Reading, Writing and a Cozy Little Nap

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1. I am struck today by what an incredible blessing it is to be able to read. How grateful I am for eyes that see, for authors that write, for bloggers who blog, for ideas that are shared, for the sense of awe and inspiration this mode of communication affords.

2. I am moved to tears today reading Julia Cameron's memoir 'Floor Sample'. I am particularly moved as I realize how much I have always loved both reading and writing but in my earlier years somehow eschewed it for things I thought somehow more important. I am awash in a wave of grief that acknowledges loss, while simultaneouly enlightened by the realization of how much of my life is yet ahead of me - and by the foundation of confidence in my writing (and other) abilities which has slowly surfaced over the years. I am grateful for all that Julia has done to encourage the arts and my own creative abilities. I am thankful that her book 'The Artist's Way' was recommended to me by a friend over ten years ago.

3. Under a darkened sky the wind whips around our little apartment house and the rain slashes sideways against the single panes of leaded glass making it all the more cozy and comforting to be able to go back to bed for a wee nap in the late morning.

Reading, Writing and a Cozy Little Nap
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