A million little pieces, gratitude stones, and my body the temple

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1. It's my turn to take Zelig for his morning constitutional, and as he charges off down the gully with me in tow, the lake shatters into a million little shards of mirror and we are jolted awake by the clear light of morning.
2. In the yard in front of our apartment house there is a tree stump about two and a half feet high and almost three feet in diameter. On top of this stump sits an ever-growing collection of bits of brick, washed smooth by the waves of the lake below us, their rectilinear lines giving way to organic curves and hollows that fit perfectly into one's palm. I love to soak up their hues of buff and terracotta as I pass on my way to the laundry room or car.
3. Reeling from the effects of a post-birthday, sugar-induced coma, we decide to swear off sugar for awhile. After meeting with clients I stop off at the market and fill a basket full of all natural 'treats'. Juicy organic oranges, apples, and bananas. Yogurt and raisins and nuts. It feels good to be treating ourselves well, and I am grateful that we have the resources to do so.

A million little pieces, gratitude stones, and my body the temple
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