Happy Feet, Little Treats, Mystery's Neat, A Jazzy Beat

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1. The bracing wind off the mid-day lake is invigorating as I briskly put in my 40 minute walk to Sam's shop.
2. I decide to stop into the dollar store on my way home and find all kinds of little treasures jumping out at me under the fluorescent glow. Lime green miniature Chinese paper lanterns for Christmas decorations, my favourite microfibre cleaning cloths (perfect for everything from washing dishes to washing windows - and very environmentally friendly as they save the lives of many a grateful tree who gladly do not have to be ground up and stamped into little squares of paper towelling), coin wrappers (so we can finally clear up the shelf in the closet where all our loose change lands), a chocolate bar to quiet the rumblings in my tummy, and a packet of gum so I can hide all evidence of there every being a chocolate bar.
3. Arriving home to find a mysterious package containing one 'miniature electric grand piano'. To whom does this mysterious gift belong? Has someone finally recognized my latent vocal talent and decided to spur me on to musical greatness by providing this fine instrument? Hmmm...the intrigue of how the story will unfold.
4. Listening to the honeyed tones of Emily Claire-Barlow as she croons out holiday standards on CBC's 'The Arts Tonight'.

Happy Feet, Little Treats, Mystery's Neat, A Jazzy Beat
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