Handy Hands, Tummy Demands and Foreign Lands

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1. Another industrious day at Sam's shop. I feel my talents, especially those that have to do with being handy, are being put to good use. I sand, stain and shellac two table tops; wax three others; wash, stain and wax a set of dining chairs; clean a wall of mirrors, banter with a few customers; help to rewire a floor lamp from the 20's; and repair a closet door that has been causing Sam grief for some time. Whew!
2. After my flurry of activity at the shop, it occurs to me that I haven't eaten lunch, but it is already three-thirty and I am scheduled to leave at four, so I slip across the street to the dark and moody Tango Palace (one of our favourite places to nestle in and write - we've taken to referring to it as 'Tango Pa-la-che' or simply 'The Pa-la-che') and request my favourite - a sticky pecan caramel blondie. Well enough sugar to power me late into the night.
3. This evening we return a light fixture we didn't need to IKEA and because we don't have the receipt for our purchase we are issued a credit note. It's not for very much - something like $20 - but we end up having fun spending it on a few little luxuries. An extra set of simple, white cereal bowls (made in China), some chartreuse napkins (by way of the US) to look festive against the dark chocolate brown of our dining table, and ever an IKEA favourite - a bag of 100 tea lights (PRC again).

Handy Hands, Tummy Demands and Foreign Lands
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