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1. Inside for the majority of the last couple of days, it is lovely to round the bend of the driveway to see the lake folding over on itself and hear it thundering down upon the hard-packed sand of the beach.
2. One of the little joys of the holidays is staying in and watching heaps of movies. Today we watched 'Everything is Illuminated' and later ' Casanova' both of which were stirring in different ways, the former being quirky and touching, the later filled with enchanting views of Venice in the 1600's and plenty of gorgeous period costumes - and a quirky love story of its own.
3. On a whim we decide to look at properties for rent and for sale - in Newfoundland of all places! Tyler has been talking with his friend Shannon who lives there and their Christmas conversation has filled our heads with visions of moving back to the maritimes. Are we crazy?

Folding, Films & Fantasies
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