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1. After birthday lunch thrown for me by my brother, he and I lounge by the fire and chat about the ins and outs of life - just like old times.
2. With the new floors in the bathroom and kitchen finally in place, we are able to install the new toilet which has been sitting in the corner for months, and return the contents of the kitchen to their rightful place. Even though not everything in the apartment is yet what we would like it to be, surveying the newly rearranged and polished surroundings, we have to admit it's a beautiful spot we have.
3. After a somewhat tiring day, after all the moving Tyler and I have done, and after taking account of a seemingly unsolveable financial situation, it's quite heavenly to slip into bed with the soothing music of Deva Premal playing softly in the background, and to realize that here and now everything is perfect. Everything is as it should be.

Chat, Cherish, Chant
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