Calabrese Christmas, Goodness, Perfect Stranger

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1. Heading out to Baldini (a relatively new Italian restaurant that has opened up on Queen Street) for Christmas dinner at Sam's invitation. Dinner was tasty, the wine was delicious, and Sam had us in stitches most of the night.
2. Feeling very moved and affirmed when Sam told Tyler and I that he could see that we were very good together. Being very moved by how good and how generous Sam is.
3. Being a little tipsy after our dinner out with Sam and ending up sharing a cab back to the Beaches with a good-natured (also slightly tipsy?) stranger named Heidi. We're glad not to have to wait for the streetcar, and get a cozier cab ride for about the same price as the fare for the TTC.

Calabrese Christmas, Goodness, Perfect Stranger
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