Blessings of Recuperation

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1. It seems I've picked up a bug (or gotten a mad case of food poisoning) and have been sick as a dog all day. Tyler has been a true saint, cleaning up after me, making sure I have what I need to eat and drink, and generally taking care of me - as well as making sure Zelig gets his walks in. I am blessed to have a partner who loves me and who practices these acts of kindness without any fanfare.
2. Although it's not much fun being sick, it does somehow provide one with a sense of the expansiveness of time, and in some ways, of what a luxury it is to lie in bed all day. Why do we wait until we are sick to do this? Where did this insatiable western work ethic come from? What of laying in bed and watching the tree branches sway in the wind, listening to the waves break upon the beach, and noticing the way the light changes throughout the day as the sun traces its golden arc around the apartment? What of that, then? I think I know what I'm doing on Boxing Day...
3. If it's up to me, heaven will be one big bathtub with a momentous stack of reading standing close by.

Blessings of Recuperation
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