Waking, Washing and Walking

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Waking, Washing and Walking

After much hesitation, deliveration and procrastination (and waiting for Mercury to turn direct) I have finally decided to initiate my first blog. This blog is to serve as a reminder for me to focus on the many blessings that surround me on a daily basis.

It is my intention to list here at the end of each day at least three things for which I am grateful. It has been said, "that which we think about and thank about we bring about". I am grateful for the many wonders I experience and wish to draw more of the same into my life. By counting or re-counting my blessings here, my desire is to magnify them in my own consciousness, and perhaps encourage others to see and acknowledge the goodness that abounds in their own lives.

As mentioned in the sidebar, this blog is at least in part inspired by our puppy Zelig. His name was consciously chosen to be an indicator of things to come. Zelig is a derivative of a German name meaning blessed, and true to his name he has proven to be a blessing in more ways than one. I am sure he will be a bit of a recurring theme in these pages, I did steal his name for my title after all, the least I can do is recount his own particular brand of doggie-goodness from time to time!

Special thanks as well to Clare Grant of 'Three Beautiful Things' for her inspiration and lively writing - I've really enjoyed following your posts, Clare, and admire your writing.

As we have focused on the fact that Zelig is a blessing, he has become one. What we put our attention on increases and manifests in our lives, and in that spirit, here is the first edition of the Zelig Three, three things I am grateful for today:

1. Waking in a sleepy haze and lounging in a comfy bed for a few extra minutes, relishing the sensation of being enveloped in the luxury of Egyptian cotton sheets.

2. Lathering up with my friend Anastasia's all natural handmade soap scented with cinnamon and patchouli oils. See Anastasia's complete line at 'Anointment'.

3. An unseasonably warm walk on the beach with Zelig this morning - wearing flip-flops on November 29th!

4. (Sorry, couldn't resist adding another) Accidentally finding photos of my first official trip with Tyler to White Point, Nova Scotia this past April and the rush of happy memories that came flooding in.

Waking, Washing and Walking
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